In the Water temple
Dark Link was there
And he wasn't evil
He was Link's dark reflection-
Did it mean only has dark potential?
But Link's dark already was
Real enough in him
Did it mean then
What he might have been?
Or his perfect complement?
Good for evil, evil for sin-
Still he had to be conquered
The hard way or the cheap way
Sword and shield or
'Ton hammer and Din

In the forest temple
Ganondorf was there
And he wasn't real
He was a false projection
His steed came snorting
Through the desolate wind
But it would make no difference
To only false deception;
He seemed lonely
Only on the lonelier side
But that's the same side
That could break our hearts, my child;
For Link never
A thought about his selfish pride
But it separates him
From the ones who might have loved him,

His cursed eyes narrowed against the rising tide of oblivion
Ganondorf's cursed eyes narrowed against the rising tide of oblivion

And the night wind at the castle picking up
Yeah the night wind was picking up
The life never ends: there's no chance of giving up
There's only getting up again x 4


released April 18, 2013