Track Name: Older Sister, You Sent Me Jam This Year
Older sister, you sent me jam this year
For my birthday, from Newfoundland
I write you because I have come near
A sense of family and I understand
The longing brook below the gathering stream
Receiving and yet not fully receiving
Recognized and yet not fully recognized
Above the sidewalk of the night-walled city
Made understandable and undisguised
Oh for the walkway unforged
And the walkway forged
And glassy like a marine candle
I walk along and grasp the handle
For it is in me to be scared to understand

If the night passes slowly,
I'll tell you what we might do
Tie up our long hair and walk
To where the sea comes in
And goes out as it has a habit
And slowly meanders
The way it wants to,
Which is always the same
Untold depths of the pattern
Past coincidence of reminding
From stepping to stepping stone

Long before you knew I had to and I had to learn
We both were the tide itself as it turned
When this life potential was rhythm pattern
And there was no bad habit to break
Against the dock the breaker crashes
And crashes again, a second wave before the first is done
Through the course of love the space-time grows and passes
Then shrinks and reverses back to the one

One, when the two of us are one
Track Name: Goku & Desdemona
Some dog millionaire, just like the rest
Taking the hammer, putting it to the test
Finding it wanting, reorganizing
Come tot the hallway and try recognizing
Old poem of the glass door reflection
And our relationship's historical dimension
Our community of rascals and bandits
Made to break one with concepts of being stranded.

Slow moments passing in the passage with the beggar's curse
Desdemona on the mind of one who never felt thirst
The woman shining brightly with so far
No too-painful sense of her own beauty
The heart stumpingly plain and simple words
She speaks and still wonders what's his, what's hers
The thing is that it's just as much and just as little
But by the time the black man dies or the white man finds acquittal
She will realize from beyond that she nor no man owns life
But the rules are set to give the power and enjoyment to fools, this world is rife
With them and interpreting patience at her leisure
She takes a better look at mind and passing pleasure
Everlasting pain, now what a concept
It's the trust of an old grey hair that dispels that
No good trying to get off the train early
You'll just have to wake up again in the same part of the journey.
What's the part where you at? Mine is the battle with Frieza
We've been watching for days while Goku draws power to this Energy Orb
Track Name: The Black Sheep, Maca Roco Ray / Republic Of Sark
When the instinct materializes
What direction will rabbit take
He ran so far with no disguises
Until he thought his will might break
But it was not so, at least now
When he wrestles with his fear
It drives him to hop to run a vow
Is made and try to hold on to it

The black sheep, maca roco ray
Nobody doubts his colour changes
In the night with no one else around
His heart climbs on the mountain ranges

In the village, maca roco ray
There are some who find your ways disturbing
You keep to yourself some days
And walk and play no loves perturbing

In the village, maca roco ray
There is one who leads and those who follow
Yet where one wanders where one stays
Is guided by one bright apollo

We share one sun, maca roco ray,
But you (lie) are like alone subversive
In useless weakness all your days
But the community observes it

You fool no one, maroco ray
The sinner and the lazy sin
The waste of grass and wool and shelter
To see you struggle makes me grin


The same win the same winner
Wins in one field loses another
Steady for a second fence
Believe the true wish
Of the island nation
Integration, independence
Republic of Sark
Flags unfurled

It makes me want
To remember this world
And reside in it again
A cold intellectual unthinking male
Alongside his overemotional unfeeling female
Can this be so
Of course not no
Usually one being one, they might imbalance the other
But it doesn't mean that either one
Doesn't exist.
It made me want to read
My book and not forget about it
And I know I always do
For a little while.
The punctuation is important
In the sense that it helps readers follow
Though it sometimes takes
The pleasant significance of the ambiguity
The beautiful witch with the moral compass.
(It's the new Shins album)
I'm just a simple man with an honest heart
But I'm not sure I'm the one who can invent
What it is supposed to be the lyrical shelf
I put five books up here and slanted their covers
Because I had a recollection
And I invented a game where the pieces were covered
And the rules unknown;
Yeah but I play like I know them

There's no second blessing
For the culture that was first received
And second dissected;
But there is a a way
And it's never detected
Except when it's being understood.
And that not only intellectually
Very often
Well that would be nice,
For emotions are true
At the very depths it's who?
The subtlety is too
Impressive to grasp.
I'm afraid I'll slide under that spell again ń
ñ é š à ñ
Track Name: It's Nice To Make Money From Your Creative Works
I was talking to Jan and I said "that's so subtle"
It is a very subtle mechanism
Which we don't understand
Oh of course, not completely, yet
Other things I understand
Other things past generations understood which I don't
Other things future generations understand which I don't.
The things I do -
Hey what you say man? I'm so full of you
Hey what you say woman? I'm so full of you
Hey what you say father? I'm so full of you
Hey what you say mother? I'm so full of you
Hey what you say family? I'm full of you
Hey what you say brothers and sisters now? I'm full of you

So I was saying it's subtle
That's so subtle
Not even admitting to being surprised
It's such an in between gesture
That's why Nigel was a bad teacher to so many students
But not in any incredibly important situations yet
That's why Nigel was a bad student to so many teachers
But not in every situation yet

And it's nice to make money from your creative works if you can
it happens that one is lucky
and heard the opportunity have to
from being able to write the career
on the scholarship application
and actually get one
scholarship for science
scholarship for music
born in a situation
that would let me do things that I want to

Not whenever I want
I've been starting to feel that lately a lot
How much I'm not allowed to make noise it
Or even the early evening
Or even for a short while in the night
Once in a week, once in a blue moon,
Once or twice in the night,
And trying to do it everyday
I have so many things which take me out of the house during the day
I could actually make time to go home and practice
I could actually set my schedule however I want
That would let me freely do what I want
Except when I'm not free

From self-controlling
I invented the little self
With my penis and with my mind
except when i'm not free
from self controlling
i invented the little self
with my own penis
and with my mind

I'm worthy of listening a second time
of course i'm.
There's an upside and a downside to my philosophy
And there's the state of being the philosophy describes
And they're both right, one beside the other
But one of them is inside the other
But one of them is really not in the other one
But the other one is in the One Other.
Did I somehow now realize
Thanks to it having been reported
That it's Thursday at 10:30
And at 10:01 was when I quieted down

When I am being loud and tuning in
To the sound I hear
Strictly speaking, one can't Be loud
That is an adjectival quality
One can't Be loud
That One is an equivalent
Which can't capital letter "Be"
The way we use adjectives
Grammatically implying equivalence
I have to laugh
at the way i write attention
and did not communicate to a person on the other side
I feel I was rude and urged to apologize
I'm such a loud person
I'm so impolite

The thing about myself and the communities here
Is that I don't feel I have to be included in their lives
In the same way they resent me for not being included
In the same way I resent them for stepping in my business
When we don't trust each other
When we're not trustworthy
It's often probably easily solved by knowing one another other

It is too bad that where the line is drawn
Are 40 minutes of annoyed annoying noises
To be made at me in response
To me playing what is felt too loudly
And of course I can't be the judge
Of what's too loud for you
But how can you be the judge
Of what's the quietest, too quiet for me.

So neither of us gets what we fully want
and we don't learn to compromise
about what we want

If we ever learn I'm going to be thankful to you
And I'm going to bow and apologize and cry to you
And I'm going to stand upside stand beside to you
And I'm going to fight fight for you
And I'm going to try not to fight violently and hurtfully to other people
And little animal beings when I don't have to
Generally the animal being doesn't fight back
And generally we say that to hunt the hunter
Which is going to fight back against
You can be a little cruel

They got the meat, they got the fur
They got the tusks, they got the her
They got the him, they got the pronoun
They got the grammatically official pronoun being it
Not getting him or her in the technical definitions of our modern language
Is that the same as a secular definition?
Or is it just inaccurate?
No Nigel, No Nigel; It's a different emphasis
I'm a little baby baby
I've got fur behind my ears
I've got a little cat
Named Snippypippys
And I had a cat named Tintin
Of course I've got that cat
Always was my cat and naturally always is my cat
But he lives over at

What is that street?
The one that intersects North Street
What is that street?
The one that intersects South Street
What is that street
Where it's OK to smoke weed?
Where it's OK to have long hair
Where it's OK to be?
Track Name: My Neighbourhood Pals / U2 At The Joshua Tree
My neighbourhood pals
I'll never forget my neighbourhood pals
I'll never forget my neighbourhood
I'll never forget my neighbourhood pals

There always can be a new close acquaintance
You've known forever
Throughout existence like you have all beings
You sure do recognize it strongly in other beings
You sure do recognize it

Only U2 could be found at the Joshua Tree
When the Joshua Tree was first made in 83
Oh I just made that year up
But it's in the 1980s, I'm sure of that
Which is a true decade in music
An influential decade
Track Name: The Savant Was Straight Edge
At the time of writing
The night was calm
The rain was driving
The savant was listening
And was whistling
To the sound of serine
But the sound of serine
Was a hydroxyl
And the savant was fighting
At the imprecision
When what was really meant was
The inaccurai

The savant was tasting
To the salt of cysteine
But the salt of cysteine
Was a disulfide
He could see the salt bridge
From the test of patience
From the cat and ani
On the ordered side
But to walk across it
From the blanket resting
Never host nor guesting
Often seemed a bridge too wide

Then the waves came first
Then the rays of first thirst
The disturbance rising
As the dark subsides

I know you'll understand me when I say
The savant was straight edge in the straightest way
The savant was straight edge
But the straight edge was
The bent coat of a crooked Christian
The crooked Christmas
Of a crestfallen saint
The saintly patience
My saint's creation
I buried him with it in the pit
In the sarcophagal chamber
Next to the myocardial infarction danger

Oooo yeah free from sickness forever
And now it's all right, now it's all right