Scapegoat Not Russian // And So Life Is Not Pure Truth

by The Mighty Northumberland



released January 30, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: And So Life Is Not Pure Truth
Some difficult questions
How are you supposed to live up to your dreams
Being true to your vision?
How are you supposed to be true to your family
When it's not the dream they be feelin
How are sons and grandsons supposed to get wise
following in the footsteps of the rappers they idolize
How are all of you and all of me going to continue
When the inkwell dries up
How are you going to listen when I need you to listen
When you need to be free

How are the famous and fascinating ones among us
Going to accept me as one of their own
How are my friends going to feel when interviewers
Accost them about me when they leave their home
How is the Benz going to hold up against these constant scuffles
From fans shifting their weight their left shoe to their right one

The panther stares at you
She stares into you
She stares almost right through you
But no, to her you're there
Won't pass so easily by
The painful stare
Which is beautiful for it's pain
But if it makes you ashamed
The sign of the cross is tumbling
With a millisecond scale
Rotational coefficient
As a slow tumbler
It was an efficient relaxer
Too efficient sometimes
To yield usable data
It's my stories stayed the
Test unlocked
In Tesla time

And so life is not pure truth
And so life is not truth pure

And I am singing my good song
To the song of a little girl
On the morning I forgot my
Powerpoint presentation
And sang along to the song about science
Somebody had written
With their instrumental music
And images of guitars crashing to drown
Just singing the first words that I found
At the top of my lungs
Running around so they could ignore me

And so life is not pure truth
And so life is not truth pure

It was all because
I had forgotten to practice
And to put a date and time
On my presentation
And to change it at all
Since the last group meeting we had
When I gave an apologetic research update
I was dressed to impress
Skilled to build
Miles drive high
Miles drive West

Don't let me get in the car when I get depressed
But help me with another chance at sitting
In auditing your doses

I was taking my young enthusiastic audience member
Around the function hall with me
Shaking and dancing with him
And he was asking
Who was it made this music you're using
And I said, I don't know, but from the sound of it they're cool
At least I hope they are because this is
Copyright infringement
This remind's me of the dream from moments before
When Brad and Mike came knocking
On what was mostly my apartment's door
And a third character, Mind projection of mine, was with them
And I was trying to explain to him
About the man I knew he had dreamed about last night
Not in a sexual or particularly friendly way
I was so quick to tell him
Not to misunderstand me
And Mike came and listened to my song
That ended like one by Steve Morrissey

And so life is not pure truth
And so life is not truth pure

Thank goodness both of them were listening then
There was a look on his face made me know he was a friend
Even in my music not something I had to hide
And keep for myself only deep inside
I was lucky too that Seamus and Josh had arrived
And Nap Eyes could begin to practice
At our recording session

Which is about when I drifted to
The morning of the function room
And my unprepared presentation

The speaker called my name out
"There's another Nigel"
I told my neighbour and not
The speaker with a grin
He's the one in the fix
That you think I'm in
But you know
He's prepared for it

And so life is not pure truth
And so life is not truth pure